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A New Energy in Immunoscience

Focused on the Solution

HST Global, a publically held biotechnology and wellness company, discovers and develops breakthroughs in supporting and treating metabolic disorders associated with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. HST Global’s new and novel therapeutic approaches positively impact patients with disorders associated with late stage cancer who are in need of supportive well-tolerated treatments. Through its proprietary scientific platform, HST Global is developing therapies that address metabolic deficiencies, dysfunction, or disorders, and provides an alternative source of support for patients.

The growing acceptance of alternative and integrative cancer treatments worldwide has placed HST Global in a perfect position to launch its own brand of Cancer Treatment Centers worldwide. While the company continues to seek acquisition of in-licensing pre-clinical drug candidates, this strategy will enable the company to address the challenges individuals face in the supportive treatment of cancer in the later stages.

HST Global, Inc. has been involved with pre-clinical novel drug candidates that suggest a high efficacy in the treatment of various cancers. The interest of physicians in these supportive treatments has given the company a position of visibility that has attracted a number of International partners that desire to open HST affiliated Centers worldwide.

As such, the company is in the process of developing a privately branded chain of Cancer Treatment Centers strategically positioned around the world. The distribution channel established through these Cancer Treatment Centers will serve as a platform for the implementation of existing technologies and serve to identify appropriate communities for treatment with new and emerging novel drug candidates as they become available.

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